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Product Type:

Plastic eye epithesis


  • Protection of the eye socket
  • Prevention of shrinkage tendencies
  • In children, support of the growth process in connection with facial symmetry


The artificial eye is used for rehabilitation in the event of loss of a visual organ due to an accident, Illness or from birth.
Many children are born with congenital malformations. This can also mean that both eyes are missing. Even surgery can hardly offer any help here. So that the eye areas do not remain underdeveloped as the child grows, appropriate treatment must begin here early. The baby and growing child are provided with eye shells (placeholders) that are adapted to their growth. Thus, the child or the adolescent can be helped later by prescribed artificial eyes.

Features / Components:

  • Supply with plastic eyes made of innovative material
  • Also with obturator for orthopedic treatment of children
  • Obturator: Closure plate
  • Cosmetic reconstruction of eye defects
  • psychological stabilization of the patient
  • individual shape and color
  • heavy-duty materials
  • no risk of breakage
  • no sensitivity to temperature fluctuations
  • great durability
  • 2 year guarantee

A worn artificial eye causes discomfort in the eye socket. The rough surface of the prosthesis can severely irritate the eye socket. The first sign of renewal of the prosthesis is increased lacrimation. The eye socket reddens and in the further course there may be thick, yellowish secretion. At this stage, ophthalmological help must already be sought to prevent the inflammation from spreading to the entire orbit. Regular inspection of the eye socket by the ophthalmologist and possible annual renewal of the ocular prosthesis by the expert ocularist ensures problem-free wearing of the artificial eye.


The costs of an epithesis fabrication are settled directly with the patient's payer (usually the statutory health insurance). There is no personal contribution. Since the epithesis is an aid, the costs for necessary corrections/repairs are also covered by the statutory health insurance providers.

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29223 Celle
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