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Eye prosthesis made of glass or plastic

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- Protection of the eye socket
- Prevention of shrinkage tendencies
- In children, support of the growth process in connection with facial symmetry

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Artificial eyes (eye prostheses) made of glass or plastic are used for Rehabilitation after loss of the natural eye


The eye prosthesis made of glass:
- Artificial eyes made of glass represent the standard care
- Glass material meets the requirements of the Medical Products Act (MPG)
- Tested for compatibility with the body
- At least the first aid consists of an eye prosthesis made of glass

The plastic eye prosthesis:

Artificial eyes made of plastic are only used if there is a risk of the glass eye being destroyed due to handling problems (e.g. with children or people with a handicap). The interaction of the organic material with the body tissues must be taken into account; it is less favorable than with eye prostheses made of glass.
the question of whether the artificial eye can be worn day and night must be decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the ocularist.

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