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Assistive Product Vergleich Glas- und Kunstauge

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Advantages and disadvantages of glass eyes / plastic eyes


Advantages of plastic eyes:
  • unbreakable
  • thermally better in winter than glass eyes

Plastic eyes are recommended for unusual handling problems for elderly or disabled people.

Disadvantages of plastic eyes:
The bad one The wettability of the material leads to the tear film tearing and thus to the drying of the prosthesis surface. This means that the liquid is distributed more unevenly on the plastic surface and is repelled (hydrophobic).
  • allergic reactions can occur
  • PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is soft compared to glass
  • less smooth surface, as it is only mechanically polished
  • Rough surface after a short period of use
  • must be repolished every six months
  • long manufacturing time (2 to 3 days at the manufacturer)
Advantages of glass eye:
  • smooth surface, as fire-polished
  • made of inorganic material, therefore more compatible
  • good wettability
  • the liquid forms a lubricating film on the glass surface (hydrophilic)
  • eye prosthesis is made within a work session
  • the glass eye can be used and worn straight away
disadvantages of glass eye:
  • fragile
  • a bit cooler in winter than the plastic eye

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