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Assistive Product Ohrepithese

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Ear prosthesis


An ear prosthesis replaces part of the ear or the whole ear.
The artificial ear is made of medical silicone or acrylate and shaped in such a way that it appears like a natural ear. The ear prosthesis can also improve directional hearing or enable the wearing of an air conduction hearing aid and glasses A brief overview of examples is given.

Figure 1 shows two ear prostheses, the ear shown on the left is made of silicone (soft plastic), the right ear is made of acrylate (hard plastic). Image 2 shows an ear modeled from wax to be tried on on the patients head.

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K. Egner Zahntechnik (ZTM)
Hauptstr. 52
89233 Neu-Ulm
Germany Telephone: 0731 62065 Email: Homepage:


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