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Augenprothese aus Glas

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Eye prosthesis made of glass

Different eye injuries and diseases as well as congenital malformations may require wearing an artificial eye.
In order to adapt such an eye prosthesis, it is not absolutely necessary for the eyeball to be removed. An eye prosthesis protects the eye socket and prevents shrinkage. Eye prostheses are individually adapted to the patient's eye cavity. The true-to-life replica allows the patient to wear an unobtrusive and secure personal appearance.
Since glass is not only neutral, but also free from any harmful substances, it is the most tolerable material for eye prostheses.
The surface of the eye prosthesis made of glass is very dense and smooth. Therefore, the prosthesis, like the healthy eye, is optimally wetted with tear fluid.
Eye prostheses made of glass have a natural shine and the eyelid stroke is smooth.

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Meyer Augenprothetik e.K.


Meyer Augenprothetik e.K.

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