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Totalprothese / Teilprothese / Kombinationsprothese

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Dental prosthesis (complete denture, partial denture and combination prosthesis)

For the prosthesis supply of missing teeth, a distinction is made between total denture, toothless jaw and partial dentures (individual teeth are still preserved and necessary as support stops).

The total prosthesis:
Total prostheses are usually made of plastic and are sucked on the mucous membrane by the edge design. Since the jaw is changed, regular underfeeding is necessary. For allergy sufferers, there are so-called monomer-free plastics, which are processed either thermoplastically or from plastics with a low monomer content. Aesthetically, the teeth used can still be characterized. This is also possible with the prosthesis plastic, in the area of ??the tooth cuppet, by inserting color pigments.

The partial prosthesis:
Partial prostheses, also called model cast prosthesis, are made of chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloys. A metal clip surrounds the remaining teeth which serve as holding elements and are necessary. The disadvantage is that the holding tooth can be damaged by the rubbing action of the metal clamp. The teeth to be replaced are machined in a so-called plastic saddle. The model casting prosthesis is the standard supply.

The combination prosthesis:
A part, or all the remaining teeth, are crowned around retaining elements, so-called attachments, bolts or telescopic crowns. This ensures a firm hold. The easy removal of the dental prosthesis ensures good cleaning and hygiene. The fixed support of the prosthesis can be readjusted by activating the attachment parts. In addition, telescope prostheses, which can be extended even after years, are possibly up to the total prosthesis. Combination work, which can be regarded as a high-quality service, is particularly important for individuality and aesthetics.

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