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Glasauge / Kunststoffauge

Product Type:
Eye prosthesis made of glass or plastic

Protection of the orbital cavity
- Prevention of shrinkage tendencies
- assist children in the growth process
- in the growth process in the context of facial symmetry

Areas of Application:
Plastic eyes (eye prostheses) made of glass or plastic are used for rehabilitation after loss of the natural eye.

The eye prosthesis of glass:
- Plastic eyelets are the standard supply
- Glass material complies with the requirements of the Medical Products Act (MPG)
- tested for body compatibility
- at least the first supply consists of an eye prosthesis made of glass

The eye prosthesis made of plastic:
Plastic eyelets are only used if there is a risk that the glass eye is destroyed due to handling problems (for example, in children or persons with disabilities). The interaction of the organic material with the body tissues has to be considered; It is less favorable than in the case of eye prostheses made of glass.
The question of whether the artificial eye can be worn day and night, should be decided on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the ocularist.

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