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Orbitafacialepithese mit Oberlippendefekt

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Composite facial epithesis

Facial implants (prostheses) are externally worn devices which adjust the appearance of the whole or part of the face.
This epithesis construction of an orbitafacial epithesis with upper lip end defect requires a great deal of experience. On account of the large extent, the imprinting takes great demands on the ability of an epithetist.
The modeling of the artificial facial surface, the shaping of the lip and the adjustment of the angle of vision are a good anaplastologist. Puff thin transparent edges allow for a chameleon effect.
The sewing of eyebrows, eyelashes and top-lip beards requires a good eye for the aesthetics and the harmony of the overall picture of the finished work. In the fastening technique of this very large epithesis by means of a bridge construction produced on implants, a highly modern laser welding method is used. These laser devices enable homogeneous metal connections and highest precision.
The manufacture of the fastening construction in the epithetics actually falls within the competence of the dental technology. These fine mechanics are not a problem for a dental technician.
Four to six appointments are required in the laboratory for the production of glued or implant-supported epithesis.
Since face sepalses are individual designs, this is just one example of many.

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K. Egner Zahntechnik (ZTM)


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