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In recent years, the possibilities of vocal rehabilitation after surgery have been expanded by the use of stimulation prostheses and valves. Through flexible and individual epitheses, affected patients are allowed to speak in conjunction with speech cannulas without escaping the secondary air.
Tracheostoma applicases are made from medical silicone. These devices are used in patients with an air tube section to seal the resulting defect and to optimize the voice modulation.
The costs of an epithesis production are settled directly with the costumer of the patient (usually the statutory health insurance). An own part does not arise. Since the epithesis is an aid, the costs for necessary corrections / repairs are also taken over by the statutory cost bearers.

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Website des Instituts für Epithetik, Bestellungen sind nur als Maßanfertigung nach Kontaktaufnahme möglich.
Informationen zu Tracheostoma-Epithesen auf der Website des Instituts für Epithetik

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