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Gingival mask

Periodontal treatments and implant restorations can occasionally affect aesthetics in the front tooth area.
This problem can be remedied with a tooth-bleaching epithesis.
- sometimes Gingivaretraktionen (withdrawn gums)
- Root stripping
- retentive interdental spaces (interdental spaces)
- phonetic insufficiencies (speech disorders)
These difficulties can be remedied by means of a dentifrice pithesis.

Features / Components:
- Silicone material
- phonetically improving
- mucous membrane friendly
- shape stable
- individually adjusted and unobtrusive
- similar in appearance to the natural gum
- tear resistant and durable
- loose teeth blocking
- protective against hot-cold irritation of the uncovered teeth

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Website des Instituts für Epithetik, Bestellungen sind nur als Maßanfertigung nach Kontaktaufnahme möglich.
Informationen zu Zahnfleichepithesen auf der Website des Insituts für Epithetik

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