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Cleft palate plate

Obturators are plastic bodies which are intended to close an upper jaw defect which can not be covered with body-borne tissue.
These obturators can assume the extent of a punctured tennis ball. When they are completely made of plastic, they are very difficult, secondly difficult to introduce into the oral cavity and the defect, and thirdly, after a while they suck in saliva and become unhygienic. A so-called split hollow obturator provides a remedy. For this purpose, a half shell is produced, which is coupled to the prosthesis base (as cover) by means of spherical magnets. The prosthesis is anchored to the rest teeth or implants.
If the eye part (orbita), see document EP / 00011 cheek or the nose must also be replaced by an epithesis, the obturator can also be coupled thereto. Depending on the size of the defect, two or more magnets are used for the coupling. A nasal pithesis replaces a part of the nose or the whole nose.
The artificial nose is made of medical silicone and is shaped so that it appears like a natural nose. The nose moves with mimic movements.
- general remarks epitheses and cost taking see document EP / 00001

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