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A nasal pithesis replaces a part of the nose or the whole nose.
The artificial nose is made of medical silicone and is shaped so that it appears like a natural nose. The nose moves with mimic movements.

Features / Components:
- natural, unobtrusive appearance
- perfect cosmetics and aesthetics
- Stable and soft silicones
- rapid psychological stabilization of the patients
- great freedom of movement also with swimming and other sports
- easy to remove and refasten, thus high cleaning comfort
Silicone imparts the least feeling of a foreign body
- always customized
- non-recognizable transition to the skin through very thin edges
- the coloration corresponding to the skin type
General characteristics for epitheses and cost overruns see document EP / 00001

Design of epithesis:
- Orientation on previously taken impression
- Orientation of the image material
- orientation to specific anatomical regulations

Mounting Methods:
- with medical skin adhesive
- Epithesis is attached to the glasses
- Fixation using implants
- 'pushbutton'
- Magnetic system

Price (no guarantee):
not specified



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