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Bandage for Achilles tendon compression

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Conservative treatment of Achillodynia:
- Peritendinosis (paratenonitis)
- Tendinosis (tendinitis)
- Bursitis subachillea

Postoperative treatment:

- Operations on the sliding tissue of the Achilles tendon
- Operations on Achilles tendon rupture
- Operations for subachillea bursitis

A brief reduction in tension is indicated if a trial heel lift in the shoe causes pain reduction.


- Temporary reduction in tension in the Achilles tendon, especially during landing
- Massage to flush out the edema, promote blood circulation and prevent sticking
through paraligamentary silicone cushions
- gain in stability through proprioception modification
- additional heel wedge for the healthy side prevents pelvic misalignment

Features / Components:

- according to Dr. med. Hildebrandt
- with septated silicone friction pads and insulated heel wedge
- heel wedges made of vibration-damping and muscle-protecting material
- advantage of heel wedges: no swimming effect
- paraachillary, septic silicone cushion
- combination with physical, physiotherapeutic and anti-inflammatory therapy
- color: platinum, black, skin
- Side: wearable on both sides
- Article number: 07071

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Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


Size ankle circumference
1 to 19 cm
2 19 - 21 cm
3 21 - 23 cm
4 23 - 25 cm
5 25 - 27 cm



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