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Shoe lifting device

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- Stroke
- Multiple sclerosis (MS)
- Spinal cord injury
- Parkinsons disease


This shoe lifting device makes walking easier for people with a drop foot (lack of dorsiflexion of the ankle). MuSmate is based on an elastic cord that prevents the foot from lowering and thus makes walking easier.

The product puts additional stress on the back area, so that people with weak back muscles (e.g. caused by arthritis of the spine) can only use MuSmate with a doctor Use supervision.
The product supports walking. People who cannot walk 10 m with aids such as walking sticks will probably only benefit from MuSmate with appropriate medical care.

When the foot is lowered when walking, the elastic cord stretches. When the leg is lifted, the cord contracts and the shoulders help lift the foot. This leads to a natural walking movement. The amount of support and the height of the lifting of the foot can be individually adapted to the mobility of the patient and the respective terrain. The orthosis normally increases walking speed, which leads to better movement, so that patients can cover longer distances.
The orthosis can also prevent inactivity atrophy and strengthen the muscles. The product prevents or reduces the dangling of the foot, falls or lowering of the foot.

Features / Components:

The product includes a shoulder strap that is connected to the foot with an elastic cord and a shoe clip, as well as an optional shoulder pad and a hip belt .

MuSmate can be worn under clothing. However, this may cause an uncomfortable feeling on the skin and the product cannot be adjusted as easily as when it is worn over clothing. MuSmate can lead to signs of wear and tear on shoes, laces and / or clothing.


MuSmate is not suitable for the following footwear: shoes with high heels, pumps or Shoes that do not enclose the heel (e.g. clogs, slippers).

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MuSmate Ltd.
18 - 19 Mill Road
BA3 5TX Radstock
United Kingdom Telephone: +44 1761 437809 Homepage:


MuSmate Ltd.
18 - 19 Mill Road
BA3 5TX Radstock
United Kingdom Telephone: +44 1761 437809 Homepage:

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