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Dynasplint Dorsalflexion

Product Type:

Ankle splint, dorsiflexion

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Sprunggelenk Dorsalflexion Dynasplint

Areas of Application:

Dynasplint dorsiflexion is suitable for both orthopedic and neurological applications.


- Joint misalignments due to orthopedic-surgical diseases
- Ensuring the success of physiotherapy treatment in:
- Fractures (malleolar, distal tibia, talus and others)
- plantar fasciitis
- Achilles tendon rupture
- tendon and ligament surgery
- Achilles tendon inflammation
- sagging foot
- arthroplasty
- burns
- idiopathic tiptoe (children)


- Misaligned joints due to neuromuscular diseases
- Prevention of an increase in deformities and to ensure the progress of physical therapies for:
- Head trauma and back injuries
- Cerebral palsy (CP)
- Cerebral vascular events (CVA)
- Other neurological diseases


- missing requirements for a passive movement Therapy
- Caution for: osteoporosis, thrombophlebitis, spasticity, edema, gross ligament instability and circulatory disorders

Features / Components:

- Orthosis consists of lower leg and foot splints
- Fixation by shin cuff with Velcro fastener tape, foot plate, heel strap and butterfly strap
- Connection via Reduction joints with adjustable reduction effect
- length adjustable
- individually adaptable to the patient
- joints and tubes made of stainless steel
- individual length adaptation
- hypoallergenic Velcro / Velcro cuff
- inside of the cuffs made of flannel
- reduction effect of the orthosis is always the doctors progress to be adjusted
- range of motion: 50 degrees plantar flexion up to 40 degrees dorsiflexion

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Dynasplint Systems, Inc.
770 Ritchie Highway
MD 21146 Severna Park
United States Telephone: +1 800 638-6771 Email: Homepage:


Dynasplint Europe
De Koumen 82
6433 KE Heerlen
Netherlands Telephone: +31 455230418 Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

- cushion set made of foam (optionally also with synthetic fur made of 100% polyester, latex-free)

Weight: approx. 1680 g
Length: 27.31 - 34.93 cm
Width of the footplate: 12.07 - 15.89 cm

Weight: approx. 860 g
Length: 18.10 - 24.77 cm
Width of the footplate: 8.89 - 11.43 cm



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