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AFO Dynamic

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Dynamic lower leg and foot orthosis

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Drop foot syndrome due to:
- Stroke (apoplexy)
- MS Multiple Sclerosis
- Muscular atrophy (Charcot Marie disease)
- Overload damage
- Slight knee instability
- other neurological disorders


- severe foot deformities
- severe spasticity
- manifest lower leg edema


AFO Dynamic is designed for patients with weakness in the foot lift due to neurological disorders. The carbon fiber orthosis has the ability to temporarily store energy. The stored energy is released again during movement and walking is supported in this way.

Features / Components:

- carbon fiber
- dynamic movement control
- the slim rear foot lever absorbs energy when the foot is put on
- the foot plate supports the foot when Walk and relieve the opposite side
- ML stability in the middle stance phase
- Protection of the hips on the affected side by reduced limping
- Medial splint in the ankle area
- Wear it inconspicuously in the shoe
- Two-part splint guide on the lower leg with a recess in the sensitive tibia area
- recess avoids pressure points
- loadable up to a maximum of 120 kg

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Össur hf. - Head Office
Grjothalsi 5
110 Reykjavik
Iceland Telephone: +354 515 13-00 Email: Homepage:


Össur Deutschland GmbH
Augustinusstr. 11a
50226 Frechen
Germany Telephone: 02234 6039-102 Email: Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

- article number: O-10210 ... plus size code
- contains foam pads, Velcro tapes for fastening above and below and Velcor points

- selection by shoe size
- lower leg length, measured at the height of the largest calf circumference
- item Oil number: O-10202 ... plus size code, left version
- Item number: O-10201 ... plus size code, right version

Size of lower leg length Shoe size Code number
XS 30 to 34 cm 34.0 - 37.0 1
S 32 to 36 cm 37.5 - 40.0 2
M 34 to 38 cm 40.5 - 44.5 4
L 36 up to 40 cm 45.0 - 48.5 6



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