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Thönnissen Support, dynamische Unterschenkelorthese

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Dynamic lower leg orthosis

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  1. dynamische Unterschenkelorthese
  2. dynamische Unterschenkelorthese


- general weakness in the foot lift
- traumatic peroneal lesion
- multiple sclerosis
- polyneuropathy
- amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
- nerve root syndrome
- apoplexy, hemiplegia, monoplegia
- short and long-term treatment for acute leg problems can be used for joint contractures


kit consisting of:
- carbon ankle splints with one-hand locking fastener (standard version or Velcro fastener)
- dynamic elastic bands with fastening clip, snap fastener and hollow brass rivet
- carbon foot shell with stamped sole part
- 2-hole screw joint (standard), alternatively also as rivet joint

Features / Components:

- inconspicuous, deeply positioned joint for biomechanically correct gait pattern
- ankle-encircling construction with side guides
- adjustable dynamic elastic bands
- foot lifting function in the upper and lower ankle joint can be individually adjusted
- easy handling by hand draster closure
- low weight due to carbon technology
- weight: 170 g (medium size)
- wearable in almost all shoes, also in sandals for loose insoles
- possibility of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and mobilization
- with sliding jaws
- with padded stamped parts for Protection of the ankle
- individually adjustable
- hygienic and easy to clean
- thermoplastic deformable and grindable

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The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Perpedes GmbH
Härtwasen 8 - 14
73252 Lenningen
Germany Telephone: 07021 73830-0 Email: Homepage:


Perpedes GmbH
Härtwasen 8 - 14
73252 Lenningen
Germany Telephone: 07021 73830-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

- Material: Carbon
- Weight: 170 g

Ankle splints:
- Ankle splints made of carbon
- with one-hand grid lock (standard version) or Velcro fastener
- left and right version
- sizes: 36 to 48 (child size 33/34)

foot rests:
- carbon foot rests
- provided with guidelines for easier assembly of the joints
- left and right version
- in 2 Widths (standard and narrow) available
- shoe size: 29 - 48

- different versions for left and right foot
- the orthosis is available in 3 versions (children, narrow and medium) available (shoe size 29 - 48)
- the orthosis can be delivered assembled or unassembled



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