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Achimed | Achillessehnenbandage mit Silikonpelotte

Product Type:

Bandage for Achilles tendon compression

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  1. Achillessehnenbandage, sand
  2. Achillessehnenbandage, schwarz
  3. Achillessehnenbandage, silber

Areas of Application:

- Acute and chronic Achilles tendon inflammation
- Post-traumatic and postoperative irritation states
- Achillodynia
- Achillobursitis

Areas of Application:

- Anatomically shaped knitted bandage with integrated silicone pad
- Specially knitted, soft comfort zone in the Tension area
- Comfort zone prevents constrictions and pressure points
- Clima Comfort knitted fabric: highly elastic, breathable and moisture-wicking
- with separate silicone heel cups for Achilles tendon relief
- the heel cups are positioned in both shoes at the same time
- available as series or made-to-measure
- Made to measure in quality mediven 550 available


The compressive knitted fabric and the silicone insert cause a massage effect that promotes the healing process. A soft protective padding relieves the Achilles tendon.

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medi GmbH & Co. KG
Medicusstr. 1
95448 Bayreuth
Germany Telephone: 0921 912-0 Email: Homepage:


medi GmbH & Co. KG
Medicusstr. 1
95448 Bayreuth
Germany Telephone: 0921 912-0 Email: Homepage:


Series production:
Size ankle circumference silver black sand
1 17 - 20 cm K.020.201 K.020.501 K.020.801
2 20 - 22 cm K.020.202 K.020.502 K.020.802
3 22 - 24 cm K.020.203 K.020.503 K. 020.803
4 24 - 26 cm K.020.204 K.020.504 K.020.804
5 26 - 28 cm K.020.205 K.020.505 K.020.805
6 28 - 30 cm K.020.206 K.020.506 K.020.806



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