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Bandage for Achilles tendon compression

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Achillo-Hit, Achillessehnenbandage


Conservative treatment of Achillodynia:
- peritendinosis (paratenonitis), tendinosis (tendinitis)
- subachilleal bursitis, calcaneal bursitis

postoperative treatment:

- operations on the sliding tissue of the Achilles tendon
- operations in Bursitis subachillea
- Operations in partial Achilles tendon rupture
- Operations in Achilles tendon rupture
- Reconstruction of the peroneal tendon box or peroneal tendon
- Reconstruction of the posterior tibial tendon box or tendon


- Restoration of the function of the sliding tissue
- Compression and massage the Achilles tendon over large, nubbed silicone pads
- no heel elevation to avoid shortening the calf muscles
- proprioceptive stimuli on the tendon improve pronation control
- better functional guidance of the hind foot
- reduction of unphysiological stress on the Achilles tendon
- correction of the muscular imbalance

The Sil Iconpelotte promotes bradytrophic tissue and improves venous reflux. The medial pressure pad runs directly under the medial malleolus into the longitudinal arch of the foot and onto the tendon of the tibialis posterior.

Features / Components:

- Achilles tendon bandage according to Dr. med. Segesser
- with a large-area compression effect and proprioceptive stimuli
- paraachillary, nubbed silicone pad
- entry with Velcro fastener
- makes it easier to put it on the lower leg shape
- also in the operated patient after the first wound healing phase has healed
- reinforced stretchable special knitted fabric on the back of the foot
- knitted fabric enables an almost wrinkle-free fit when unrolling the foot
- color: platinum, black
- specify side: left or right
- article number: 07804


Size ankle circumference
1 to 19 cm
2 19 - 21 cm
3 21 - 23 cm
4 23 - 25 cm
5 25 - 27 cm

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Sporlastic GmbH
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72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:

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