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Ultraflex | Gelenk für das Knie

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Knee joint splint, polycentric, with tooth segments

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Ultraflex Gelenk für das Knie

About Ultraflex - Dynamic Correction Components see document OU / 02100
Select the individual products of the Ultraflex system see document OU / 02101

Areas of Application:

- limitation of the extension or flexion of the knee joint
- Disabling the knee joint movement


- cerebral palsy, apoplexy (stroke), spinal paralysis (spastic)
- Multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, cranial trauma, endoprosthesis implant
- Burning, lower leg amputation, ligament rupture, fracture

Features / Components:

- Base joint for force unit (89 mm long, 38 mm wide)
- can be used as a ROM joint
- including removable splints 300 x 16 x 3 mm (L x W x H)
- Movement range:0 degree to + 135 degrees with extension and flexion
- Movement range:- 15 degrees to + 135 degrees with hyperextension and bi-directional
- Flexion and extension stop adjustable in steps of 7.5 degrees
- Locking / unlocking:any position, adjustable in steps of 7.5 degrees
- Material joint:aluminum with black polymer coating
- Material splints:Aluminum with epoxy coating
- Color:Black

Price (without guarantee):

Retail price plus VAT:324,20 EUR

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Ultraflex Systems Inc.
237 South Street, Suite 200
PA 19464 Pottstown
United States Telephone: +1 610 906-1410 Email: Homepage:


Dirame GmbH
Hauptstr. 86a
51143 Köln
Germany Telephone: 0657 433006 Email: Homepage:


Flexionstop (adjustable) with hyperextension option
- is only combined with a force unit with force in the extension direction with hyperextension
- Item number UF-KO-SS1H-L (left), item number UF-KO-SS1H-R (right)

Flexionstop (adjustable)
- usually combined with a force unit with force in the extension direction
- Item number UF-KO-SS1-L (left), article number UF-KO-SS1-R (right)

Extension stop (adjustable)
- usually combined with a force unit with force in the flexion direction
- Item number UF-KO-SS2-L (left), article number UF-KO-SS2-R (right)

Force direction selectable (bidirectional)
Item number UF-KO-SS3-L (left), article number and UF-KO-SS3-R (right)



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