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Assistive Product SUPROknee 20 Grad

Product Type:

Orthosis for immobilization of the knee joint in flexed position


- Conservative therapy for lateral ligament lesions
- Cruciate ligament instabilities
- Meniscus damage
- Traumatic or degenerative knee joint changes
- Patellar luxation
- Posttraumatic/postoperative immobilization


- Thrombosis of the deep veins of the lower and upper leg


SUPROknee is used to immobilize the knee joint in 20° extension. The orthosis covers the upper and lower leg and is closed with straps. The integrated silicone nubs at the level of the calf provide a reliably functioning anti-slip effect of the orthosis. The auxiliary scales on the outside assist in setting the correct circumference on the upper and lower leg. The product can be worn on the right and left side.

Features / Components:

- Optimal adjustment due to three-piece design
- Anti-slip silicone nubs in the calf area
- Pre-adjustment for upper and lower leg circumference
- Auxiliary scales for easier adjustment to the upper and lower leg
- Available in three different lengths (applicable on the left and right side)

Lengths: Knee angle:
40 cm 0°/20°
50 cm 0°/20°
60 cm 0°/20°

Price (without guarantee):

Available upon request from OPED GmbH


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:


Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:

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