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Assistive Product Dynamische Quengelschiene, Indikationen, Kontraindikationen, Wirkungsweise

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Dynamic Quengel splint, indications, contraindications, mode of action and warnings

- increased mobility of joints
- to relieve contracture stiffness after surgery
- long-term immobilization
- joint injuries


- patients with severe osteoporosis
- Patients with thrombophlebitis
- Patients with severe spasticity

Also in patients who show neurological or vascular changes while wearing the splint or patients in whom mobility is restricted in another way.

Description:The length of the adjustable tensile strength relieves the muscles from their shortening, but also the nerves and vessels from their scarred adhesions.
This automatically increases mobility, blood circulation and tissue build-up are promoted.
In order to restore complete mobility of the joint it required with the dynamic Squeeze splint should exert a permanent, situation-specific tension on the shortened muscles for a longer period of time.

Wearing the quench splints while operating machines or motor vehicles, during sports or other physical activities is strongly discouraged.

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