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OZO-Patellabandage mit segmentaler Profileinlage

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Knee bandage with pad for soft tissue compression

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Patellabandage TIGGES


- for all diseases of the knee joint
- patellar tip syndrome
- chondropathia patellae
- tendinopathies
- dysfunction of the patella with and without a tendency to dislocation
- irritable knee and with activated arthrosis
- arthritis and synovitis
- to support physiotherapy therapies after knee joint operations


The segmental profile insert avoids the unwanted pressure on the possibly painful area of the tendon inserts due to the cranial recess above the attachment of the quadriceps tendon and the caudal recess above the ligamentum patellae the upper recess is spared. With every movement of the knee joint, the profile insert ensures a constant, automatic massage and thus improves the circulation in the soft tissues.

Features / Components:

- solid plastic material
- reinforcement in the middle area of the profile insert
- profile insert provides support, relief and lateral guidance the patella
- two-pull cotton fabric with natural rubber threads
- perspiration is absorbed, released to the outside


- the bandage is available in six sizes (29 - 47 cm knee circumference) (corresponding to the Gütezeichengemeinschaft Medical Rubber Socks eV)
- the bandage is available in two colors (skin or blue)

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Wilhelm Zours GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 18
64646 Heppenheim
Germany Telephone: 06252 72064 Email: Homepage:


Wilhelm Zours GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 18
64646 Heppenheim
Germany Telephone: 06252 72064 Email: Homepage:

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