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JuzoFlex Genu 500 JuzoFlex Genu 505

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Knee bandage with pad for soft tissue compression

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Kniebandage mit Patella-Ringpolster


- after immobilization for early mobilization
- knee joint distortions and effusions
- osteoarthritis in the femoro-patellar joint
- after surgical interventions
- tendency to dislocate the patella
- post-traumatic edema
- sprains , after fractures and bruises

Features / Components:

- Patellar bandage with seam, shape DF
- latex-free with Lycra
- Compression class 2
- lateral double spirals
- no annoying longitudinal seam in the hollow of the knee
- anatomical patella ring to relieve pressure on the patella
- Ring pad has an additional massage effect on the soft tissues
- Edema and effusions are absorbed more quickly
- Available as series and custom-made products, series sizes 1 to 6
- Color: anthracite, skin, navy
- Length: 30 cm

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Julius Zorn GmbH
Juliusplatz 1
86551 Aichach
Germany Telephone: 08251 901-0 Email: Homepage:


Julius Zorn GmbH
Juliusplatz 1
86551 Aichach
Germany Telephone: 08251 901-0 Email: Homepage:


- Model Genu 500: special knitted fabric in the hollow of the knee prevents constrictions when bending
- Model Genu 505: with additional comfort cushion in the hollow of the knee for improved carrying comfort location, even when sitting for a long time



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