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Tricodur GenuMotion

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Knee bandage with pad for soft tissue compression

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  2. Tricodur GenuMotion


- degenerative irritation and overload symptoms of the knee joint
- femuropatellar pain syndrome
- for functional therapy after injuries and operations
- arthritis
- gonarthrosis
- tendomyopathy
- slight meniscus damage
duration of use: several Weeks

Features / Components:

- active bandage with friction pad for the knee
- anatomical fit
- without the fillet of the knee, no pinching in the hollow of the knee
- in the joint area the bandage is equipped with a wave-like special knitted fabric
- elastic knitted bandage
- integrated ring-shaped Friction pad
- pad with a recess in the patellar tendon area
- for local friction massage and targeted compression
- reduction of local edema and swelling and relieving the joints
- bandage promotes moisture to the outside
- non-slip fit and no wrinkling
- right and left portable
- skin-friendly, breathable, washable and reusable
- material: cotton, polyamide, elastodia, spandex
- contains natural rubber latex, which can cause allergies
- packaging unit 1/12

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BSN medical GmbH
Quickbornstr. 24
20253 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 4909-909 Email: Homepage:


BSN medical GmbH
Quickbornstr. 24
20253 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 4909-909 Email: Homepage:

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