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Meniskus Kniebandage

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Knee bandage with pad for soft tissue compression

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Meniskus Kniebandage


- degenerative meniscal damage
- meniscal crushing
- meniscal tear
- with residual swelling in the upper recess area
- meniscal ganglion


- after arthroscopic interventions in the knee joint area
- to compress the Arthroscopy access
- with postoperative swelling condition


An increase in the intra-articular pressure is achieved via individually positioned pressure pads medial and lateral to the patellar tendon. The U-shaped friction pad builds up a metered pressure in the area of the upper recess of the knee joint capsule and leads to massaging of the capsule end that tends to swell during movement.

Features / Components:

- Compression bandage according to H. Semsch
- compression class 2
- with pressure pads, friction half ring and side reinforcement
- semicircular (u-shaped), nubbed friction pads
- semi-elastic pressure pads, individually positionable
- locally increased compression for improved effect of the two pressure pads
- wrinkle-free fit in the hollow of the knee Accordion Effect
- Color: platinum
- Side: Wearable on both sides
- Article number: 07730

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the price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


Sporlastic GmbH
Weberstr. 1
72622 Nürtingen
Germany Telephone: 07022 7051-81 Email: Homepage:


Size Dimension d Dimension f
1 to 28 cm to 38 cm
2 to 31 cm to 41 cm
3 to 34 cm to 44 cm
4 to 37 cm to 47 cm
5 to 40 cm to 50 cm
6 to 43 cm up to 53 cm
7 up to 46 cm to 56 cm
Circumference d = 14 cm from the middle of the knee down
circumference f = 14 cm from the middle of the knee up



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