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Quengel- und Gelenkschiene mit Schneckentrieb , Ellenbogen , 404/1

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Quench and articulated splint with worm gear

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Quengelschiene Bewegungsschiene CAROLI

Features / Components:

- Stainless steel quench and joint splints
- Quench and movement splint with worm operation, elbow
- the stop screw can be offset by 15 degrees in the range of 90 to 180 degrees
- suitable for right and left
- as a fitting part for orthoses
- Total length:345 mm or 445 mm
- Width:16 mm
- Thickness:2,5 mm
- with key St 6

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Heinrich Caroli GmbH
Eichrodtstr. 13
77933 Lahr
Germany Telephone: 07821 9399-33 Email: Homepage:


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- Part number 404/1 P, pair complete with key
- Part No. 404/1 S, splint with screw
- Article No 404/1 M, follower without auger

The splints can also be delivered hardened at an extra charge.
Items are also available.



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