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Informationen über Ultraflex - Dynamische Korrekturkomponenten

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Dynamic correction components - Ultraflex system

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Informationen über Ultraflex - Dynamische Korrekturkomponenten


Ultraflex offers different components for hand, elbow, ankle or knee and is adapted to the individual needs of the patient. Ultraflex offers a complete joint assortment for the support of orthoses.
Ultraflex consists of a joint and a patented force unit with an adjustable spring element.
By means of a precise, evenly applied strain, modified tissue can be transformed, the active function can be supported and spasticity can be treated. An even stretch ensures safe healing and supports the therapeutic or functional movements, regardless of the changed angles of the joint.
The use of this joint system enables a qualified and efficient treatment of dynamically correctable contractures and contractures due to spasticity in both adults and children. Spastic muscles are isolated, stretched and mobilized with Ultraflex. The rest position is improved and the weakened muscles are strengthened again. A precise torque allows a sub-maximal stretching (under the contracture reflex) and increases the relief of the opposing muscles. The use of Ultraflex joint systems also provides the necessary protection and a secure and step-wise joint mobilization during the rehabilitation phase even after injuries with accompanying contractures and postoperatively.
The process of successive, precise and uniform stretching promotes the growth of the shortened tissue or transforms the modified tissue and increases the joint activity. Malformations can be prevented and joint function restored.
The joints must not be used in the water!

Features / Components:

- Components for adults and children
- adapted to the individual needs of the patient
- Complete joint assortment for custom-made orthotics
- Components with linear, adjustable and dynamic force units
- Units for the hand, elbow, ankle or knee joint
- a permanent correction force in the extension or flexion direction
Ultraflex consists of a joint and a force unit with adjustable spring element.

Joints and force unit:

The joint is the basis of the Ultraflex system. It also serves as the basis for the force unit. In connection with a force unit, the joint should be mounted laterally but can be used as a ROM joint (movement restriction) on the medial side. In addition, the joint is available with an inflectional stop, extension stop, hyperextension with extension stop, or bidirectional, in which the force unit can be easily removed and adjusted with a force in the flexion or extension direction.
The joint is supplied with detachable splints. If no flexion or extension stop is specified, the following combinations are recommended:
Either a force unit with force in the flexion direction combined with an adjustable extension stop or a force unit with force in the extension direction combined with an adjustable flexion stop.

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Retailer:Variants, depending on the composition

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Ultraflex Systems Inc.
237 South Street, Suite 200
PA 19464 Pottstown
United States Telephone: +1 610 906-1410 Email: Homepage:


Dirame GmbH
Hauptstr. 86a
51143 Köln
Germany Telephone: 0657 433006 Email: Homepage:


- Child system with installed force unit
- system for adults
- Adult system: Combination with the various force units possible
- Selection of the individual products of the system see document OU / 02101



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