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Assistive Product Original-IDEAL-Spreizhose nach GRAF/MITTELMEIER

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Hip-flexion-spreading pants


Treatment of hip maturation disorders with flexion-spreading bandages


The basis for any treatment of a hip-maturation disorder is the primary sonographic recording of the pathoanatomical condition of the infants hip joint. According to the treatment phases: 1. Reduction, 2. Retension and 3. Ripening, each spreader pants corresponds to a ripening aid. Spreader pants can therefore not be a sufficient means of treating or reducing hip dislocation. An unstable hip (with the exception of special cases) cannot be stabilized (= retained) with spreading pants. Every spreading treatment therefore requires a stable hip joint.

The Mittelmeier / Graf ideal spreading pants lead to avoiding pressure of the femoral head on the cartilaginous pan roof area and the growth area of the pan due to the mid-seated squat position.
The spreading wedges do not allow over-spreading.
The babys own dynamic is not canceled out by the soft design of the spreading aid.
The crossed or uncrossed position of the fixation reins can be adjusted as required depending on the size of the child and the desired spreading degree.

Features / Components:

  • Spreading pants made of latex foam
  • Removable and washable cotton cover
  • back part is reinforced with polyethylene slats
  • avoiding a stronger abduction
  • foam rubber wedges inserted on both sides at the level of the buttocks

Both free legs of the bandage are initially crossed, parallel for older infants, in order to then achieve a stronger abduction win.

Size old chest size
0 for premature babies 38 - 45 cm
1 by the end of the 3rd month 45 - 52 cm
3 S by the end of the 3rd month 52 - 58 cm
3 L older than 3 months 55 - 62 cm

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Fröbelstr. 10
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Germany Telephone: 0911 928671-1 Email: Homepage:

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