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Product Type:
Wrist and forearm bandage with reinforcement element and stabilizing strap

- acute phase with activated arthrosis of the wrist
- with moderate to severe distortions
- tendovaginitis
- wrist arthralgias caused by instability and hypermobility
- overuse arthropathies after removal of Plaster casts,
including post-treatment of wrist fractures

- Stabilization of the wrist in a functional neutral-zero position
- Minimizing the stress on the carpal bones, joint capsule and ligaments
- Compressive activation of the venous lymphatic system through the knitted fabric around the wrist
- Hyperaemia due to the pad with improved resorption of edema and hematomas
- Pain reduction and restoration of hand function

Features / Components:
- Wrist support with dorsal reinforcement
- Combination of partially fixative palmar stabilization through anatomical reinforcement splints
and additional, finely adjustable Velcro tape around the wrist
- individually adaptable, thermoplastically deformable reinforcement rail
- Integrated silicone profile pad with recess on the ulna styloid process
to avoid pressure irritation
- anatomically shaped by knitted fabric on the wrist and thumb
- Stretchy knitted fabric around the wrist - makes it easier to put on
- latex-free knitted fabric
- Color: platinum, black, skin
- Side: indicate left or right
- Item number: 07057

Size wrist circumference
XS 14 - 15 cm
S 15 - 16 cm
M 16 - 19 cm
L 19 - 21 cm
XL 18 - 19 cm
XXL 19 - 21 cm

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Sporlastic GmbH


Sporlastic GmbH

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