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Ellbogen Extension Dynasplint

Product Type:
Elbow orthosis, extension splint

Areas of Application:
Orthesis for dynamic reduction of the elbow joint in extension.

- Joint misalignments due to orthopedic surgical diseases
- Ensuring the success of physiotherapeutic treatment in:
- Radius head fractures
- Humerus fractures
- Open reduction, internal fixation
- Elbow dislocation
- Elbow fractures
- Radius or ulna fractures
- Burns
- Joint arthroplasty

- Joint malpositions due to neuromuscular diseases
- Avoidance of an increase in malpositions and to ensure the progress of physical therapies:
- Head trauma and back injuries
- Cerebral palsy (CP)
- Cerebral vascular events (CVA)
- Other neurological diseases

- No requirements for passive exercise therapy
- Caution with: osteoporosis, thrombophlebitis, spasticity, edema , gross ligament instability, K Rice flow disorders

Features / Components:
- Orthosis consists of upper arm and forearm splint
- Fixation by cuffs with Velcro straps
- Connection via reduction joints with adjustable reduction effect
- Splints are adjustable in length
- Can be individually adapted to the patient
- Joints and tubes made of stainless steel
- individual length adaptation
- range of motion orthopedic design: 65 degrees of flexion to 25 degrees of hyperextension
- hypoallergenic Velcro / Velcro cuff
- inside of the cuffs made of flannel
- range of motion, neurological design: 130 degrees of flexion to 40 degrees of flexion
- reduction effect of the orthosis must always be adapted by the doctor to the progress of treatment

Options / accessories:
- EED, EEDN, EEDP versions: foam padding set (optionally also with 100% polyester, latex-free)
- EEDNP version: 100% artificial fur padding set Polyester, latex-free (optionally also with foam padding set)

Erw axis:
Weight: approx. 910 g
Length of upper arm: 16.51 - 21.59 cm
Length of lower arm: 18.10 - 24.77 cm
Item number: EED10-100 (orthopedic)
EEDN10-300 (neurological)

Weight: approx. 490 g
Length of upper arm: 10.80 - 17.78 cm
Length of forearm: 13.34 - 17.46 cm
Item number: EEDP10-500 (orthopedic)
EEDNP10-310 (neurological)

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

Ellenbogenschiene (orthopädisch)

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Dynasplint Systems, Inc.


Dynasplint Europe

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