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Reziproke Gehorthese

Product Type:
Whole-body orthosis for functional assurance and / or mobilization

- Spina bifida
- Congenital and traumatic paraplegia

The reciprocal orthosis is a modular system for the production of a walking orthosis that extends across the hips. Walking takes place by shifting body weight alternately to the side. The leg parts are coupled by a rocking mechanism that brings the free leg in the forward step and the standing leg in the step backward position. This enables reciprocal walking (foot-by-foot). What is special about the Isocentric RGO system is the special, ball-bearing construction with extremely low friction losses. This means that the usual cable pulls can be dispensed with. You can use the orthosis up to a paralysis height of Th. 7/8, in individual cases up to Th. 5.

Features / Components:
- Improved cardiovascular activity
- Verticalization of the patient
- Physiological walking movement - Low-friction energy transfer

Price (without guarantee):
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Wilhelm Julius Teufel GmbH


Orthopädie- und Rehatechnik Sieber

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