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Threeflex Einlagenrohling

Product Type:
Inlay blank

- Flat, flat and arched foot
- Heel spur, plantar fasciitis, achillodynia
- Knee or bow legs (axis)
- Hip malpositions
- Ankle, knee and hip arthrosis
- Spinal problems due to incorrect statics or wear and tear

After detection of a misalignment of the foot or in the event of complaints due to static incorrect posture, the physiological and static posture is activated by various supports and molded parts. suitable for hiking, skis and work shoes
- in a sandwich process, three-layer structure
- shell shape, size 34 to 48,
- packaging unit: 1 pair

layer 1:
- supporting and shaping lower part
- made of carbon fiber material (EVA)
- Deformation temperature 130 degrees
- individually processed after positive impression
- high compressive strength of the material
- Colorfoam is toxicologically / ecologically harmless
- corresponds to the guidelines of the MPG s

layer 2:
- PPT padding material (is glued to the lower part)
- shock absorption and energy absorbing
- contributes to the microcirculation of the skin (epidermis)

layer 3:
carrier material Thermo-Flex cap material for accuracy of fit and durability

Price (without guarantee):
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Friedrich Georg Streifeneder KG


Friedrich Georg Streifeneder KG

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