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OZO-Genu, Knieführungsbandage mit Flexions- / Extensionskomponente / OZO-Genu Alu, Knieführungsbandage mit Flexions- / Extensionskomponente

Product Type:
Knee guiding orthosis with 4-point principle and extension / flexion limitation

- for early mobilization in case of ligament injuries and after knee joint operations
- anterior cruciate ligament plasties
- inner ligament reconstructions
- for general knee instability
- genu recurvatum
- severe gonarthrosis

The laterally incorporated polygonal joint rails cause a natural sliding movement. The condyle described by the joint is slightly smaller than the usual physiological condyle of the knee joint. The smaller condyle shape prevents the tibial plateau from being inserted into a front drawer.

Features / Components:
- knee guide bandage with adjustable flexion / extension limitation
- elastic bandage with local pressure pad around patella
- 4 inelastic, circular belts for fixation
- locking plate for adjusting the radius of flexion / extension
- movement angle of the joint insert 0, 20, 40, 60, 75, 120 degrees
- natural rotary sliding movement through polycentric guide joint
- the polygon joint can be individually adjusted in its movement radius
- 5 different joint inserts
- compact lightweight design
- long-term use
- easy handling
- individual supply options thanks to various bandage models and splints

- different versions for left and right knee
- the orthosis can be supplied with plastic or aluminum splints
- the orthosis is in two colors (hat, blue) available
- the orthosis is available in 6 sizes (29 - 47 cm knee circumference)

Price (without guarantee):
the price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.




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Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

OZO-Genu Alu

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Wilhelm Zours GmbH


Wilhelm Zours GmbH

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