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TSM Kniebandage mit Patellaaussparung, Pelotte und Patella-Sehnenband

Product Type:
Knee Brace with Patellar Cutout, Pad and Patellar Band

Areas of Application:
- Prophylaxis
- Rehabilitation

- Retropatellar Arthrosis
- Patellar Lateralization
- Patellar Tip Syndrome
- Gonarthrosis
- Chondropathia patellae

Features / Components:
- with patella cutout, patella relief pad and patellar tendon band
- anatomically shaped knee bandage
- polyethylene pelvic pad is fixed to the inner structure of the bandage
- covers the knee joint with distal thigh and proximal lower leg
- covers 15 cm above and below the knee center off
- uniform compression
- lateral longitudinal seams
- small, large-volume wrinkles in the popliteal fossa
- no constriction or attrition in the popliteal fossa and at the edges
- no movement restriction and no slippage
- heat and sweat dissipation

Patella cutout:
- for guiding and relieving the patella (kneecap)
- recess through Cut-to-length customization
- Recess relieves the patella and popliteal region during the flexion procedure.
Patellar tendon band
The patellar tendon band with popliteal cuff is fixed and closed on the outside of the bandage with Velcro, depending on the desired pulling direction; Individual adjustment of the patella recess by cutting is possible.

Technical Data:
Insulating layer: 5 mm
Front length: 37 cm
Knee length: 27 cm
Weight: 150 g (Size M)
Color: Blue

Options / Accessories:
The patella tendon band can be ordered separately.

Size knee circumference
XXS custom made
XS 25 - 29 cm
S 29 - 33 cm
M 33 - 38 cm
L 38 - 42 cm
XL 42 - 48 cm
XXL 48 - 53 cm

Measuring point: circumference over patellar center with stretched leg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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