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Whole-body orthosis for functional assurance and / or mobilization

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Gehorthese Parawalker


Congenital or acquired paraplegia from the upper lumbar spine to the high chest (spina bifida, accidental injury to the spinal cord, inflammation or tumor of the spinal cord, etc.).


Durch das Shifting body weight raises the free leg. Forearm supports that are set for a long enough length allow the patient to perform this movement to the side. The rigid hip construction prevents the pelvis from sinking during this process. Since the center of mass of the leg lies behind the hip joint axis due to the structure of the parawalker, the raised free leg swings forward due to gravity. The free leg has become a supporting leg and touches the ground in front of the bodys center of gravity. Muscle strength now lifts the trunk and brings it forward. The new sequence of steps begins.
The Parawalker is a walking orthosis that enables paraplegic children and adults unable to walk or stand to move in an upright posture on forearm supports or walkers.

Features / Components:

- allow people to move around with paraplegia themselves in the high chest marrow area
- offer high mobility with little effort
- enable higher walking performance and walking speed than with conventional, hip-spanning fittings
- give more independence through easy on and off without outside help
- allow for forearm rests and walking frames walking
- even outdoors, slight unevenness in the floor and slight inclines can be mastered


To ensure that the person concerned receives professional advice, comprehensive care, professional service and therapy, ProWalk only delivers the Parawalker to trained teams. These teams consist of a physiotherapist and an orthopedic technician who have completed a corresponding course. These seminars are coordinated by ProWalk and offered at regular intervals.

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Pro Walk Rehabilitationshilfen und Sanitätsbedarf GmbH
Woogstr. 48
63329 Egelsbach
Germany Telephone: 06103 70642-0 Email: Homepage:

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