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Swivel Walker, Serie 1000 / Swivel Walker, Serie 1500

Product Type:
Whole-body orthosis to ensure functional security and / or mobilization

- Spina bifida
- Traumatic paraplegia and tetraplegia
- Spinal muscular atrophy
- Muscular dystrophy
- Most severe forms of dysmelia
- Neuro-orthopedic diseases
- Cerebral movement disorders

Not suitable for patients with extended, uncontrolled movements of the head and arms. Severe mental disabilities preclude controlled use of the Swivel Walker. The Swivel Walker can only be used on level ground. Contractures in the hip, knee and ankle joints should not be very pronounced.

Swivel Walkers are orthoses for children and adolescents who cannot support their body weight with their legs. This orthosis allows the patient to move upright without the aid of hands and arms. It extends the radius of action of severely disabled people who are able to use their head movements in a controlled and coordinated manner.
Swivel Walkers are initially used as a standing orthosis. They allow the child to play, do handicrafts or be treated while standing at the table. Once the child has experienced the upright posture as a familiar position, walking is often learned in a short time. With a little practice, the patient can also walk backwards.
By shifting the bodys center of gravity, the orthosis is tilted to the side, which means one step forward. Shifting your weight to the opposite side brings the other footplate forward. The bodys center of gravity remains within the support area. The stride length is limited by a shock absorber.

Features / Components:
- individually adapted light metal frame
- patient is held in the vertical by straps and pads
- base plate connected by ball bearings to 2 movable foot plates
- enables mobility in the vertical
- positive influence on the urinary tract
- positive influence on breathing and circulation
- promotes digestion
- reduces contractures
- prevents pressure ulcers
- promotes peripheral blood circulation

- 1000 series: armpit height 550 - 1000 mm
- Series 1500: armpit height 900 - 1500 mm

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Pro Walk Rehabilitationshilfen und Sanitätsbedarf GmbH

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