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Eyepiece of plastic

Protection of the orbital cavity
- Prevention of shrinkage tendencies
- assist children in the growth process
- in the growth process in the context of facial symmetry

The artificial eye is used for rehabilitation in the event of loss of sight, accident, illness or birth.
Many children are born with congenital malformations. This can also mean that both eyes are missing. Here even the surgery can hardly offer help. To ensure that the eye area does not remain undeveloped when the child grows, an appropriate treatment must begin early. The baby and the growing child are provided with eyeshields, which are adapted to the growth. Thus the child or adolescents can later be helped by prescribed artificial eyes.

Features / Components:
- Supply with plastic eye made of innovative material
- also with Obturator for the orthopedic treatment of children
- Obturator:closure plate
- cosmetic reconstruction of eye defects
- psychological stabilization of the patient
- individual shape and color
- highly resilient materials
- No risk of breakage
- no sensitivity to temperature fluctuations
- great longevity
- 2 years warranty
A worn out artificial eye causes discomfort in the eye socket. The rough surface of the prosthesis can strongly irritate the eye socket. The first sign of a replacement of the prosthesis is an increased flow of tears. The eye-hole is reddened, and in the further course it can become thicker, yellowish secretion. At this stage, medical attention must be sought in order to avoid the spread of the inflammation to the entire eye socket. Regular inspection of the eyeballs by the ophthalmologist and the possible annual renewal of the eye prosthesis by the expert eyewitness ensures an easy wearing of the artificial eye.

The costs of an epithesis production are settled directly with the costumer of the patient (usually the statutory health insurance). An own part does not arise. Since the epithesis is an aid, the costs for necessary corrections / repairs are also taken over by the statutory cost bearers.
General notes on artificial eyes see document EP / 00005
- general information Epithesen see document EP / 00001
- Difference of the eye prosthesis and eye epithesis see document EP / 00033

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