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Forefoot relief orthosis

- Metatarsal fractures I to IV
- Hallux valgus / rigidus
- Arthrodesis of the toe joints
- Hammer and claw toes
- Big toe fracture
- For fractures and operations on the foot and toes (forefoot relief)

Features / Components:
- Forefoot relief orthosis, can be used on both sides
- Vacuum cushions and plastic frames effectively stabilize the foot
- Optimal pressure relief in the forefoot area
- Extendable toe section to protect the forefoot
- Functional treatment - OSG can be moved freely
- Good rolling comfort and relief through Rocker sole design
- easy and quick to put on thanks to the Velcro fastener system
- terry cloth covers are washable and changeable
- vacuum cushion is individually shaped to the state of swelling
- reversible adjustment, anytime and anywhere
- permanent possibility of wound control
- radiolucent grid structure
- sole is removable and / or interchangeable
- The orthosis can be worn on the left and right r
- VACOpedes is a rental product that is made available to the patient on loan for the duration of the supply

Size shoe size
Small 35 - 40
Medium 40 - 45
Large 45 - 50

Similar products:
With VACOped, VACOankle and VACOtalus, additional products are available for the treatment of trauma to the foot and ankle.

A comprehensive collection of information, video operating instructions, studies and references can be viewed on the manufacturers website .

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Oped GmbH

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