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Tricodur StepLite

Product Type:
Shock absorber (heel cushion)

- Heel spur
- Any form of plantar fasciitis (overstimulation of the underfoot tissue)
- Achilles tendon pain
Duration of use: several weeks

Features / Components:
- Anatomically shaped heel cushions with soft Soft Point for pressure relief
- targeted shock relief from everyday and shock-like heel loads
- reduces the impact load on foot, knee and hip joints
- wearable in almost every shoe
- non-slip adhesion between inner shoe and foot
- embedded blue soft point reduces punctual pressure and Pain below the heel area
- cup-shaped design creates a memory effect
- stabilizes the heel and relieves the calf muscles and Achilles tendon
- pillows marked with R for right and L for left shoe
- wash with lukewarm water using a mild soap
- Material: 100% silicone elastomer
- latex-free
- color: transparent / blue
- packaging unit 2 pieces (left and right)

- size S / M, shoe size <41, article number 73475-00, pharmaceutical central number 7295346
- size L / XL, shoe size> 41, article number 73475-00, pharmaceutical central number 7295375

Price (without guarantee):
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BSN medical GmbH


BSN medical GmbH


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