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NoviPad Computerarmband

Product Type:
Wrist bandage with support element

The new computer arm against tendonitis (RSI) and pain caused by computer work.
NoviPad Bracelet is made of an elastic velcro and is therefore suitable for every wrist.

The mouse arm is the modern form of the tennis arm, the so-called RSI syndrome (Repetitive Strain Injury) or carpal tunnel syndrome. It is caused by an overloading of the hand and arm area, in particular by light, constantly repeated movements such as:clicking with the mouse And scrolling with the mouse wheel.

How to:
- Computer armband helps prevent mouse arm
- Complaints are alleviated
- Activity can be resumed

Features / Components:
- Computer strap with an ergonomically shaped support element
- ergonomic and easy to use
- it is placed around the lower arm, directly behind the wrist, the support element downwards
- pad is about 20 mm high
- pad ensures a straight wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome can be avoided
- consists of an elastic velcro band
- Velcro closure is individually adjustable
- is (almost) suitable for every wrist
- oversize from approx. 22 mm (s) scope of delivery available (to be noted when ordering)
- Colors:black, white or red
- Material:91% polyamide, 9% elastane

- Article number 7000, color white
- Article number 7010, color black
- Article number 7020, color red

Price (without guarantee):
Retail price including VAT:17,85 EUR


CE-Zeichen / Öko-Tex Standard 100

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