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Pollex Pro

Product Type:
Thumb orthosis / fixation to immobilize the thumb saddle and metacarpophalangeal joint.

- Immobilization / immobilization of the thumb
- Ligament injuries on the thumb
- Post-traumatic, pre- / post-operative
- Degenerative irritation
- Rhizarthrosis without surgical indication
In combination with the OPTIVOhand wrist orthosis (HiMi-No:
For additional immobilization / immobilization of the wrist and thumb

For example:
- Scaphoid fractures
- Rhizarthrosis

- No contraindications known

Pollex Pro is an orthosis for the treatment of thumb injuries.
The one-piece shell reliably immobilizes the thumb. The wrist and the rest of the fingers can move freely on it.
With the help of four Velcro fasteners, the orthosis can be flexibly adapted to different swelling conditions and anatomies.
The skin-friendly material is comfortable to wear thanks to a pleasantly fluffy material under the shell.
Together with the appealing design, the Pollex Pro thumb orthosis increases patient compliance.

Features / Components:
- Adapts flexibly to different swellings and anatomies thanks to four Velcro fasteners.
- The orthosis can be opened completely and placed on the thumb without pain.
- Attractive design for better patient compliance
- Wrist and remaining fingers can move freely.
- Pollex Pro in combination with the OPTIVOhand wrist orthosis for immobilization / immobilization of the wrist and thumb
Order number:
- POLL-04-1-S / M-RE
- POLL-04-1-S / M-LI
- POLL-04-1-L-RE
- POLL-04-1-L -LI

Technical Data:
Size of wrist circumference
Small / Medium up to 19.5 cm
Large from 19.5 cm
Measurement over hand circumference without thumb.

Cleaning and care:
- Washing: Can be cleaned at 30 degrees C, washable.
- Drying: Air drying

Approval marks / standards:
CE mark

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.




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Oped GmbH

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