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Universal-Bruchband ABSO

Product Type:
Fracture with pad and feather

The pad presses into the fracture port through the spring force and thus achieves a secure closure. As a result, the fracture can be improved to such an extent that it no longer escapes even when the fracture strip is removed.

Features / Components:
- Universal break strap ABSO
- with soft, highly elastic sponge rubber ca pad
- pad Model ABSO II
- with washable cotton tricot cover for the pad

- Item number 451, skin colored moleskin with synthetic leather upper
- Article number 2501, Velveton with cowhide top
- Part number 14351, skin colored rubber belt, 45 mm wide, with short spring
- Article number 11301, skin colored rubber belt, 45 mm wide, with long spring

Price (without guarantee):
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Heinrich Caroli GmbH


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