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Ultraflex, ROM-Kindergelenk für den Knöchel (T-Form)

Product Type:
Foot splint with ankle joint and foot bar

- cerebral palsy, spinal paralysis (spastic), spina bifida
- craniocerebral trauma, burn, ligament rupture, fracture

Areas of Application:
Limitation of extension or flexion of the upper ankle joint

This ROM joint can be used in combination with the UF ankle joint system for children. The joint is easily fixed with screws to the desired flexion/extension limit and has the advantage that it can be bent close to the cuff. This joint must not be used in orthoses that have to absorb body weight or in mobile patients. The joint must be connected by the technician using the supplied rivet.

Features / Components:
- Total rail length: 128 mm
- Movement range: 0 to + 115 degrees
- Page: universally applicable
- Material joint: Aluminium with epoxy coating
- Material screws and bolts: RfS
- Colour: black
- Part Number: UF-AFO-P-ROM

Information about Ultraflex - Dynamic Correction Components see ID-number OU/02100
Selection of the individual products of the Ultraflex system see ID-number OU/02101

Price (without guarantee):
Retail price plus VAT: 58,70 EUR



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Ultraflex Systems Inc.


Dirame GmbH

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