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Mikros 805 Bambus Fleece Ellenbogenbandage

Product Type:
Elbow bandage

- for swellings, joint effusions, pain and irritation in the elbow

- exerts uniform compression on muscles, ligaments and joints
- supports the natural healing process
- influences proprioception (sense of position) of the affected body and joint areas positive

Features / Components:
- circular knitted, elastic elbow bandage with adapted compression zones
- great mobility of the elbow due to the knitted fabric
- completely chain around the edges
- coated inside with bamboo fleece
- wearable on both sides
- Sweat and moisture are quickly absorbed and transported away from the body
- Skin stays dry, clean and free of harmful particles and suspended matter for longer

- Size: S to XL
- Color: natural
- Material: natural bamboo, activated carbon , Polyester as carrier material

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Mikros GmbH


Mikros GmbH

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