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Assistive Product VACOpedes

Product Type:

Forefoot relief orthosis for metatarsal and forefoot injuries


- Metatarsal fractures I to IV
- Hallux valgus/rigidus
- Arthrodesis of the toe joints
- Hammer and claw toes
- Lapidus surgery(s)


VACOpedes provides optimal pressure relief in the area of the forefoot and midfoot. The inlay adapts itself to the anatomy, encloses swellings to relieve pressure, optimally stabilises the injured area and ensures a perfect fit. The roll-off sole leads to a physiological and safe gait pattern.

Features / Components:

- Forefoot relief orthosis, can be used on both sides
- cushion and plastic frame effectively stabilise the foot
- optimum pressure relief in the forefoot area
- extendable toe section to protect the forefoot
- functional treatment
- good rolling comfort and relief thanks to rocker sole design, harmonious gait pattern
- easy and quick to put on thanks to Velcro fastening system
- terry cloth covers can be washed and changed
- the inlay adapts individually to the state of swelling
- reversible adaptation, anytime and anywhere
- permanent possibility of checking the wound
- radiolucent grid structure
- sole can be removed and/or changed
- the orthosis can be worn on the right or left side
- the material ensures breathability and prevents heat build-up. Air circulation and prevents heat accumula

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:


Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:


Size Shoe size
Small 35 - 40
Medium 40 - 45
Large 45 - 50



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