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Assistive Product Urias Luftschiene

Product Type:

Air splint for the leg


- for the gradual stretching of contractures
- suppression of a developing flexor spasticity
- for stabilization in ataxia
- for stabilization during exercises or when positioning
- for sensory losses for proprioceptive support

Features / Components:

- air splint that can be inflated by mouth
- with a single-chamber or two-chamber system
- exerts an even pressure
- made of transparent PVC material with plastic zipper
- put on splint first, then inflate
- splint adapts to the during inflation Lin

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Please contact the manufacturer or distributor.


Smith & Nephew plc
Building 5, Croxley Park Hatters Lane
WD18 8YE Watford
United Kingdom Telephone: +44 1923 477100 Homepage:


AFH Webshop
Rainer Zumhasch
Pyrmonter Str. 50
32676 Lügde
Germany Telephone: 05281 98712-63 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:


Type chambers size
leg 1 25 cm
leg 1 35 cm
leg 1 46 cm

Type chambers size
leg, without foot 2 30 cm
leg, without foot 2 40 cm
leg, with foot 2 51 cm

Type chambers size
foot 1 32 cm
short leg, or foot 2 56 cm
long leg, or foot 2 66 cm
leg with foot 1 74 cm
leg with foot / sole 1 74 cm

Options / Accessories:

- Filter: Packing size 5 pieces
- Mouthpieces: Packing size 100 pieces

The splint can be inflated with a pump or by mouth. In order to avoid moisture build-up in the chambers, filters with mouthpieces should be used when inflating with the mouth. These are available separately as accessories.
The service life of the rails with continuous use is approx. 6 months.



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Last Update: 20 Jan 2021