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Assistive Product VACOhand FLEX

Product Type:

Wrist and finger orthosis


- Aftercare of flexor injuries on the hand


The VACOhand FLEX has spring tension, the traction of which is individually adjustable and constant throughout the entire movement. The orthotic joint can be fixed in dorsal extension / palmar flexion at different angles between 0 and 36 degrees in 12 degree increments. A release of the wrist for early functional therapy in defined radii is also possible. The Fingergrundgelenke can be individually positioned by the flexible stainless steel hand rest.

Features / Components:

- Wrist mobility through release of the orthotic joint in defined radii possible
- Wrist fixation in defined angles possible
- Strength of the spring tension individually adjustable, constant tension over the entire movement
- 5-Fingerversorgung possible
- optimal fit and adaptation to changing swelling conditions by vacuum pad
- Hand rest formable
- Hand length customizable
- The orthosis is available in a universal size, respectively for the right and left hand
- VACOhand FLEX is a rental product that can be loaned to the patient for the duration of the care.

Similar Products:

With VACOhand RADIUS, VACOhand POLLEX, SUPROhand and POLLEX, there are other products available to treat hand injuries.


An extensive information collection, video operating instructions Please refer to the manufacturers website for further details.

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Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:


Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:

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