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Assistive Product NeaManex Radialorthese

Product Type:

Radial orthosis


- Radial paralysis
- Neurological diseases with paralysis of the hand


- Wrist is stabilized
- Finger loops generate dynamic traction
- Fingers and thumb are repositioned
- Mobility of the fingers and thumb remains

Features / Components:

- dorsal reinforcement bar, thermoplastically deformable
- reinforcement bar can be individually adjusted
- closure with two Velcro strips
- finger and thumb loops can be removed
- finger and thumb loops can be positioned with Velcro strips
- washable ban

Price (without guarantee):

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neaTec Vertriebsgesellschaft für orthopädische Erzeugnisse mbH
Dieselstr. 6
89231 Neu-Ulm
Germany Telephone: 0731 140128-0 Email: Homepage:


Size wrist circumference Article right Article left
S 13 - 16 cm MR 2085-1 MR 2085-2
M 16 - 18 cm MR 2085-3 MR 2085-4
L 18 - 22 cm MR 2085-5 MR 2085-6



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Last Update: 8 Mar 2021