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Chest straps for wheelchair users

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Chest straps are used for trunk instability. The elastic material does not restrict the freedom of movement so extremely. By adjusting the tension of the individual fixation straps, the strap can be adjusted depending on the clinical picture.

The chest straps are made of skin-friendly and elastic neoprene. The elastic material does not restrict freedom of movement as much. They are easy to clean and machine washable up to 30 degrees C.

They are available in different sizes and designs.

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McLean REHAtechnik GmbH
Breiter Anger 20
37115 Duderstadt
Germany Telephone: 05527 997390 Email: Homepage:


Order number: Version:
D 1 5 300 = 0 chest shoulder strap mini
D 1 5 300 = 1 chest shoulder strap small
D 1 5 300 = 2 chest shoulder strap medium
D 1 5 300 = 3 chest shoulder strap large
D 1 5 300 = 4 chest shoulder strap extra large
D 1 5 300 R chest shoulder strap with zip



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