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Assistive Product Advanced-Control-System 2 (ACS2)

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Steering and control system for wheelchairs


The Invacare Advanced Control System 2 (ACS2) is the further development of the ACS control system. Starting with a simple system that only performs driving functions, ACS2 can also be used to implement fittings using standard components and special controls. The modular system can be easily upgraded.

Unlike previous control systems, Invacare Advanced Control System 2 combines both the simple Shark I and Shark II controls and the multifunctional controls of the ACS series. An ACS2 control system is modular and can be upgraded or simplified at any time by adding or omitting individual components.

The ACS2 system is backward compatible and uses the Shark series of driving console holders. The service-friendliness is also reflected in the mirror function: the current travel program is stored not only in the power module, but also in the control desk. This avoids time-consuming programming when replacing individual components.

Driver's desk for control of the wheelchair, operation of the lighting system and the actuators. Control knob programmable, menu display via color LCD screen.

ACS control panel for wheelchair control, operation of lighting system and actuators. Can still be used in the ACS2 system - but without mirror function.

Control panel for controlling the wheelchair, operating the lighting system and a maximum of 4 actuators. Replaces the Shark II control panel.

Control panel for controlling the wheelchair, operating a maximum of 4 actuators. No operation of the lighting system possible. Replaces the Shark I control panel.

Power modules PM
Splitting of digital switching and driving signals, conversion into analog, powerful switching and driving currents for lighting system and motors.

Actuator modules ACT
Processes switching signals to operate actuators. Several ACTs can be used for control.

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